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I recognize the importance of a patient-centered experience and strive to create the most time efficient sessions possible. Busy lifestyle? Difficult getting to a clinic?  I understand. YOU are who Clutch was created for! 

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"I don't know which healthcare professional I should talk to or what my next step should be..."

Not sure who you should see or what your next step should be?  Unsure if you feel you need to see a physician or a physical therapist?  Technology makes it possible to schedule an in-depth video consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who can educate and guide you in the right direction.

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Clutch (adj): Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Save time in your day by eliminating the drive to and from a clinic.
  • Prioritize your health so that you can continue to run a busy household or work environment.
  • Don't miss out on training time. Do SOMETHING proactive for your body before your current condition worsens.
  • Experience efficient sessions focused primarily on what you cannot do for yourself at home.
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What Is Physical Therapy? Who is it for?

Physical therapy can seem intimidating.  Rest assured, it does not have to be!

You may have heard stories from your friends or family about their experience and wonder what in the world it might be like for you.  Physical therapy uses education, guided movement and the body’s own ability to heal itself to help you manage your current condition or prevent injury.  Physical therapy can be helpful for anyone who feels they might be limited in some way physically, whether that be by pain, stiffness, numbness, weakness, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  There are typically many factors at play with neck pain.  This can include but is not limited to stress, sleep, work space setup, muscle imbalances, compensatory movements, hydration, and nutrition.  A good physical therapy assessment will take a deeper look into what is truly causing your pain and create a customized, easy to understand plan to move forward.

Being active does not mean that you are necessarily preventing knee pain.  Knee pain is often caused by joints either above or below it as well as muscle weakness/imbalance.  This can be detected with a thorough physical assessment.  Physical Therapy often has the same if not better long term outcomes as compared to surgical interventions. 

Absolutely!  Dizziness is often a dysfunction of the vestibular system (located in your inner ear), which is the leading contributor to 

The shoulders, neck, and shoulder blade area are very common locations to get “knots” or “trigger points”.  By determining the cause of this irritation, instead of only spot treating these locations, patients can often learn how to reduce their pain on their own and experience significant reduction in baseline pain and tension levels.

Physical therapists are able to locate the cause of abnormal sensation and strength deficits, reduce, and typically eliminate them.  The low back can be a leading contributor to sensory changes in the legs even if no back pain is present.  Conservative care is much safer and more affordable than (often unnecessary) spine surgery.

About Me

A passion for helping others led me down the path of physical medicine into a career that allows me to provide my patients with high quality, one-on-one healthcare while keeping their schedule a top priority.  As a Doctor of Physical therapy, I offer an integrated approach in order to find personalized and effective solutions for everyone.  Click below to learn more about my professional and personal background.

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"Chelsea is one of the only PTs who has ever made me feel different in my body. And I have seen PTs for 12 years trying to correct my pain. She listens and tunes to your needs. She pushes you to strengthen what’s weak and she helps the pain fade away. She will teach you how to help yourself at home. She’s amazing and she cares. Chelsea is also the greatest dry needler in existence and I miss the therapy!"

M. Dunn

"Chelsea is just an amazing person with the desire to help people get better. She took the time to put together a rehab program for me to recover from my sciatica without me being a patient. She took her time late in the evening to talk to me and check in on me. That is someone who want to help people and not looking for money. That is something so hard to find in today’s healthcare. The program she has put together for me has also improved my condition after two sessions. I can not say enough about what a wonderful and knowledgeable person she is to work with. I would let her work with any of my family members because I know they would be in the best hands possible."

S. Miller

In a world that keeps getting busier, do you value convenience?

Work with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who prioritizes you & your schedule. Receive treatment at your home, work space, gym, etc.

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Come join a community of patients, both past and present, as well as non patients, to have discussions regarding physical health.  Dr. Chelsea Smith will hold a weekly Facebook live  to go over submitted questions.

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